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This site is offered as a Free marketing service to models of MyFreeCams to provide advertising to your chatrooms. We respect your right to privacy and have made image and profile removals extremely simple. To permanently remove your images and profile page, please complete any of the following options:

Option 1 - Verify Your Official MFC Page
To verify you are the copyright holder, login to your MFC account in a new window and paste the text string "XXXBlockXXX" exactly in this format anywhere in your "About Me" section of your official profile. Once you've updated your profile with this string, enter your username in the input box below and click submit. We will search for this string on your official MFC page and if found, we will instantly remove all your images and profile on our site. Once verified, you may delete the text string from your profile.

Option 2 - Deleted Official MFC Page
If you have already deleted your MFC official page, simply submit your username in the form below and we will delete your images and profile page from our site as well. This option requires your official page to have already been deleted.

Option 3 - Make your Official MFC Page Private
Update your privacy settings on MyFreeCams to make your profile private. Instructions for this can be found here, ensure you are blocking USA. Once you've made your profile private, submit your username below and if we can no longer access your profile, we will remove your images/profile from our site. You may remove your privacy block once we've removed your profile.

Option 4 - Send a Request to MFC
If none of the first 3 options work or if you have multiple usernames you want removed, please send a removal request to MFC and they will remove your content from our database.

DMCA Image and Profile Deletion Request

Please read the above instructions before submitting. You may only submit 1 Username per IP address.

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